Lost for words? Let us help you through the maze of vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and the enigma known as English grammar. Verbatim-Ink services include:


They are professionals in every sense of the word---until it comes to writing what they know best. That's when the help of a ghostwriter ushers a pro through the chaos and time it takes to put the words together. The distinct advantage of acquiring a ghostwriter is time-saving convenience, fewer headaches and best of all: the client gets the credit, the glory and the byline (not us).


Ever pick up a brochure or catalog and the descriptions of its products or services leave a bland taste with a sense of indifference NOT to buy? The beauty of effective copywriting is in making words spring with animation, leap from the page into your consciousness. In short, it makes you want to buy. It's akin to closing the sale before the buyer has made up his/her mind.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is one of the most necessary components of good writing. Look at the difference in the following sentences:

Nothin on earth is more anoying than a really bad writtan sentance, specally when the auther is suppossed to be a respectible proffesional who's speciality is known by everybody.

Instead, try something like this:

It's disconcerting when a poorly written work emanates from a professional whose expertise is legendary!


Comprehensive Internet, library and personal interviewing for research projects is available to business people, writers and academics. Assigned topics will be searched using diverse resources with the final product typed and presented to the client.

Press Releases, Promotional and PR Writing

Reinventing the wheel can be daunting. Behind every public relations writer and publicist is a combined element of enthusiasm and tenacity. Never underestimate the power to sell yourself, your business, your product with the written word and solid publicity.

Editing for Second Language/non-English Writers

We have known countless international guests, residents and clients in this country whose intelligence, education and spoken English belies the fact that written English is as alien to them as spoken English once was.

For people whose native language is not English, writing their thoughts coherently can turn into a comedy of errors or worse, a melodrama of syntax. Easy or difficult, like it or not, in the U.S., writing well is not just an essential skill, it has become a mandatory asset in business, college and personal use.

Resumes, CVs and Peripherals

How true the old adage: "You get only one chance to make a first impression." Your resume or CV is your calling card, your passport to acceptance or rejection in the job world. A poorly drafted resume is a faux pas no one wishes to make.

The difference between a resume and a CV? As Americans, we tend to edit and reduce--thus, the resume. In continental countries, CVs post even your elementary school, marital status, etc. Bottom line: A resume = brevity, a tickler. A CV = detailed, a life story.

...and, of course, Letters

Dear Reader,

Good news: The art of letter writing is not dead; nor has writing by hand gone by the wayside. Nothing reveals authenticity, caring and yes effort, than the affect a letter has on its reader.

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