Samples of Letters/Correspondence

Dear Ms. Employer:
Please accept this letter as an expressed interest in joining your firm in the capacity of senior sales representative at Verbatim-Ink. My resume is enclosed for your consideration and I believe the experience and knowledge I've acquired may well match your needs ...

Dear Board of Directors:
Please accept this letter as official notification of my withdrawal from the XYZ Society. Had I known it was a vehicle for subtle harassment and the depth of its insensitive practices, I would never have joined. When I signed-on I was under the impression that your organization was a purposeful method of restoring and revitalizing the former glory of the XYZ. Instead, it is clearly a stage for restoring and revitalizing authoritarianism with mean-spirited measures. I am deeply disappointed. Please exclude me from your roster and remove me from any further communications ...*

Dear John,
It pains me to write this but out of respect for you (as well as my own peace of mind) I cannot let it go much longer. I know you know, in your heart of hearts, that things have not gone well these last few months and despite how often and how hard we've tried, we just can't seem to get it right. And God knows, we have both tried our best ... *

To the Editor:
Regarding your editorial of October 12, I suggest we all agree to disagree. Attacking jaywalkers like snipers perched atop a water tower is ludicrous and unconscionable. Jaywalkers are not criminals. While they may very well be fatalists, they are relatively harmless to others and render just themselves in harm’s way. To ticket them arbitrarily or arrest them is indefensible and just plain over-kill (pun not necessarily intended). Spying and/or ganging-up on them will never solve this problem. Clearly, another solution is mandatory ...*

[* Editor’s Note: The degree of voracity in such letters can be adjusted based on the level of one's irritation.]

Dear Ms. Job Candidate:
After careful consideration of your resume, and based on the hundreds of replies we've received, I am writing to let you know that we have chosen another candidate for the senior sales representative position. It was a difficult decision as you were in the top three. The person we've chosen has had significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Your qualifications are exemplary and we will certainly keep your resume on file should another position materialize ...


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