Our fees are not only competitive but equitable considering the personal service and honesty that accompanies our work. Even better, we don't flinch at the thought of tight deadlines. Our prices are in U.S. dollars for 2004.

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Because of the nature of our work, it is especially difficult to put an exact price on our services—there are many factors—i.e., length, time, research, several revisions, hand-written notes/verbal instructions, English/second-language projects, etc. Each and every project is unique, variable, personal and subjective. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for in-depth information. However, we offer a flexible range of prices listed below:

Initial Consultation: Complimentary.

Ghostwriting: From $50.

Business Correspondence/General Letter Writing: From $35.

Copy Editing, Proofreading: From $30 to $100.

Research: General, from $25 to $100. To research obscure or esoteric subject matter, fee will be negotiated in advance.

Editorial Copywriting: From $50 to $150.

Web Content Writing: From $200.

Web Site Design: Negotiable; from $600.

Résumés / CVs: Varies with packages starting at $75 to $500 (maximum) for résumé or CV construction.

Includes in-depth interviewing [via telephone, IMs, emails, snail-mail, etc.]; drafting/writing text; amendments and revisions to first and/or second drafts; a CD or disk; a basic, one-page cover letter; references list; as well as 15 hard copies of each on choice of paper [Crane Stationery in ivory or gray; or 100% Recycled Paper in ivory or gray] with matching #10, or larger envelopes. [Client is welcome to supply his or her own stationery.]

  • Diverse packages may be negotiated beforehand. Due to the nature and length of some resumes and CVs, prices will be adjusted, with prior consent, from the client.
  • Cover Letter: From $35 for drafting a one-page cover letter.
  • References sheet: $20 for 15 copies of client’s professional references.

Special Mailings/Marketing Projects: Based on same letter to each address.

For all mailings, postage and stationery costs to be paid in advance.

$1 per letter includes printing and stationery; plus 50-cents per letter for folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, carriage to/mailing at the Post Office (does not include postage costs).

Labels - Same address, $3 per page - 24 labels to a page.

Mailing List Labels - different addresses, $8 per page - 24 labels to a page.

Addressed #10 envelopes - 50-cents per envelope. Crane Stationery envelopes - 75-cents and up.

Addressed, larger or manilla-type envelopes, 50-cents, 65-cents or 75-cents for standard, up-to-one-ounce (1 oz.) mailings. Larger mailings with additional marketing materials enclosed, etc. affects postage costs and will be adjusted accordingly.

You may choose an hourly rate — depending on the services required . . . Or simply pay for the services provided when and as you need them.

  • If these prices seem steep, consider the cost of hiring an employee or temp--you won't be burdened with paying an hourly rate, taxes, benefits, vacations, holidays, providing office space and buying additional equipment.
  • $35 per hour for Editorial Services to include copy editing, proofreading and clear-cut, general research.


Verbatim-Ink will maintain the confidentiality, personal information and intellectual intelligence of each and every one of its valued clients. Because confidentiality fosters sensitive issues, Verbatim-Ink is respectful and pleased to sign a non-disclosure agreement of confidentiality as required with any of its clients.

    • Verbatim-Ink strives always to safeguard client information and protect their business interests.
    • We will protect our client's resources and refrain from using their information for any personal or business advantage.
    • We offer only those services in which we are well-experienced in and/or equipped to do and to honestly represent ourselves about our services and skills.
    • Verbatim-Ink will conscientiously avoid conflicts-of-interest and to ensure that the client is made aware and informed of any such potential.

      Please view our Terms and Conditions
      Feel free to contact Verbatim-Ink for more details: dvm@verbatim-ink.com

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