Terms and Conditions

Verbatim-Ink is pleased to be of service to you from every corner of the globe, including here in Boston, New England, the U.S., and Canada, Mexico and abroad. We will accept work provided the output is in English and our payment terms are agreed upon in advance.

Written quotations will be provided. We do require a signed booking form before undertaking any project.

For project work, payment of one-half (1/2) is expected at initial signing; the balance is due when the work is completed.

N.B.: If the client’s original requirements should change during the course of the project, Verbatim-Ink reserves the right to amend the original quotation following a suitable consultation with the client.

Verbatim-Ink accepts payment by check/cheque, money order, PayPal (domestic and overseas) and international money order ...

... made payable to Dorothy Malcolm

Verbatim-Ink reserves the right to charge interest on overdue amounts on outstanding balances from the date of invoice until the day payment is due.

If a check/payment is invalid or returned by the bank, the client is responsible for all bank charges.

Invoices will be submitted in U.S. dollars and subject to any bank charges related to bank transfers.

For bulk mailings Verbatim-Ink does on behalf of its client(s), the price will include printing, folding and stuffing the envelopes; however, this does not include postage. Client may prefer to utilize his/her own postage meter/system. If the client requires Verbatim-Ink to mail the items, postage must be paid for, in advance, by the client.

N.B.: The final responsibility for proofreading, of completed work rendered by Verbatim-Ink lies with the client. While we are fastidious, human error does occur.

Errors will be rectified by Verbatim-Ink — if notified within 24 hours (one day) after the client is in receipt of the completed work—free of charge—or ten (10) days for completed work consisting of more than 3,000 words.

Back-up copies of client files will be maintained for two (2) years. They will be deleted/destroyed after that time. Verbatim-Ink recommends that clients keep and send original documents via a traceable method of conveyance (i.e., post office, special delivery post or by courier).

Please note:
· Verbatim-Ink is not responsible for the resulting use of any documents, manuscripts, letters, etc. either produced or edited by us. Clients have the sole responsibility for any of their work(s) to be used appropriately—these include copyright laws, publishing laws, plagiarism, decency guidelines, etc.
· Verbatim-Ink is not responsible for the content of any document supplied by the client. [Clients must not utilize and propagate plagiarized material as their own work.]
· Verbatim-Ink assumes no responsibility for plagiarized work submitted by a client.
· Verbatim-Ink reserves the right to return the work should we ascertain any inappropriate use/abuse by the client.
· Verbatim-Ink reserves the right to reject any work for any client that involves material that is deemed illegal, immoral/pornographic, and/or socially objectionable and inappropriate.



Verbatim-Ink will maintain the confidentiality, personal information and intellectual intelligence/property of each and every one of its valued clients. Because the issue of confidentiality fosters sensitivity, Verbatim-Ink is respectful and pleased to sign a non-disclosure/agreement of confidentiality with any of client(s) as required.

· Verbatim-Ink strives always to safeguard client information and protect their business interests.

· We will protect our client's resources and refrain from using their information for any personal or business advantage.

· We offer only those services in which we are experienced and/or equipped to perform and to honestly represent ourselves about our services and skills.

· Verbatim-Ink will conscientiously avoid conflicts-of-interest and to ensure that the client is made aware and informed of any such potential.

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